Monday, April 03, 2006

Logout: What did you learn about the star mound?
Hey, its me Davalynn. Well heres our logout..

Teresa: It is more than 100 years old.
Aleah: That there are more than 150 star mounds in American Samoa.
Meredith: There is a type of sport played on the star mound.
Quinn: Only matais and chiefs are allowed to play the sport.
Kirstan: Only the matais and chiefs would be allowed to eat the pigeons.
Martin: They would play a type of sport on the star mound.
Zack: There is more than 1 star mound in American Samoa
Dylan: Most star mounds are 400 or more years old.
Armand: They would call it star mounds because of the rays beaming out of the sides.
Davalynn: The matais would sit in a little hut and catch the pigeons and they would keep them as a pet or eat them.


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