Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hi y'all!

Ok, we have a field trip on Thursday to do reef walk. Here is what I need for you to do. You should visit the website for the Coral Reel Advisory Group of American Samoa. Browse over the site, but pay attention to the section: Coral Reefs in American Samoa.

From your exloration, I want you to make a blog posting and discuss the three most interesting things you learned about coral reefs in American Samoa. For extra quality points, briefly explain what CRAG is. Who is part of it? What does it do? Why does it do what it does?

After you have done this, you know what projects you are working to complete. Get to work!

If you finished everything, everything, then you may have free time.

Have fun!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I hope that you enjoyed two days in a row of PE. Now it's time to get back to the fun of using computers to explore and learn.

As I mentioned this morning, we have so much that we still want to accomplish before the end of the year. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. We have an hour and a half in the computer lab today, and I want us to use our time well. Here is a list of the things that we need to get done:

1. Update your blog. It does not need to be much, but I want everyone to post something. If you cannot think of anything to blog about, you can summarize the book you are reading now.

2. My Samoan Chief reading group, you still owe me book brochures. I want you to make the completion of the brochure a priority.

3. We are continuing our discussion of genetics. Today I want you to learn about karyotypes. Click on this link: Chromosome Hunt. Read the information, and answer the following questions:

What is a karyotype?

What do scientists use karyotypes for?

How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have?

Both males and females have two sex chromosomes. Using the letters X and Y, describe the sex chromosomes of



What do you think would happen if a person was born missing a chromosome or with too many chromosomes?

Post your answers on your blog.

Ok, so this is a lot to get done in an hour and a half, but if you are a speed demon, I have one more assignment for you. We still want to make a movie this quarter. I need you to find material for our script. Go online, and try to find examples of the two myths that we discussed in class this morning.

Ok. I'm tired from typing all of this, and I'm excited to get to work. Let's get busy!!!

Have fun!

Mr. Hatcher

Monday, May 01, 2006

I know that you would all rather be outside for PE, but we swapped days with the Explorers. You'll be outside tomorrow, and then you'll have two days of PE in a row.

We've been learning about genetics, DNA and base pairs. Remember that thymine pairs with adenine and guanine pairs with cytosine.

Today, we are going to review a little bit and learn a few new things. Visit the site "Tell Me About Genetics", read through all the and complete the worksheet. You will have today and Thurday to complete this assignment.

People in the My Samoan Chief reading group owe me a book brochure by Wednesday. Quinn, you still owe me a brochure for Julie of the Wolves. Try to finish it today.

You may also take 10 minutes to update your blog.

When you finish, there are some games that you can play.

Have fun and learn!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hello this Davalynn Betham with your logout report...

What were some of your favorite things you did this week?

Kimberley: Coloring in the coral
Meredith: International Fair
Kirstan: Math Tic tac toe
Davalynn: International Fair
Aleah: International Fair and Dance
Teresa: International Fair, Fun math, and Dance
Quinn: International Fair and Dance
Zack: Dance
Mori:Dancing and International Fair
Armand: Dancing and International Fair
Alex: International
Dylan: Dancing, International Fair,and Math

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hi, it's Kim, and our logout question is:

"What did you learn about the main character in your book?"

Aleah: How to pronounce her main character's name
Teresa:How to prnounce her main character's name
Meredith: He has a llama named Misty
Kim: she had to walk to school every day
Davalynn: he loves to run
Dylan: her grandma sent her out to school to get a better education
Martin: Her grandma wanted her to get a better education
Armand: she fighted for what was right
Kirstan: he likes to draw
Quinn: he likes to run fast
Alex: helikes to run fast
Zack: they messed stuff around
Mori: He likes to wrestle

See ya

Hi everyone!

You have a busy day ahead in the computer lab. The first thing that you need to is go to the following website: "Young Talk". This is a Ugandan publication for 11-14-year-old young people. This issue is about puberty, and since you are all at an age where you might begin to experience some of these changes, I think that this magazine will be interesting to you. I'm giving you a worksheet to complete as you read. There are three simple questions.

If you read Julie of the Wolves, then your book brochure is due to me today.

If you read My Samoan Chief, then your book report is due next Tuesday.

Some of you have already completed your brochures. Good job! You may update your blog or continue to read "Young Talk."

If you need any help or have any questions, "Ask 3 before you ask me." If they cannot help you, come see me.

Let's get to work!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What did you learn about island formations?

Martin: Water pushes sand to make coral reefs.
Alex: How atolls are formed.
Dylan: How coral islands are formed.
Armand: coral forms on volcano and volcano sinks and forms an atoll
Mori: Water pushes sand to make coral reefs
Zack: Some plants can grow in sand
Quinn: coral forms on volcano and volcano sinks and forms an atoll
Teresa: How all islands ar formed
Aleah: How reef islands are formed
Kirstan: Octopus is a reef animal
Meredith: Coral acts like a filter and a captures sand
Kimberley: Coral survives in warm, shallow,clear water.
Davalynn: Fresh water stays above salt water.

Last night was the International Fair. It was really fun, there was a lot of food, running around, and screamming.

What was your favorite thing about the International Fair?

Kimberley: Running around and looking at other peoples booths.
Meredith: My booth about France. I liked it because it had a lot of information that I didn't know.
Kirstan: The donuts from Benin, the chille from Europe, and the Pansit from the Philippines.
Davalynn: The coffee from South America, the chille from Europe, donuts from Benin, and the meat pie from Australia.
Zack: The Mate from South America because it tasted good and it helped me lose my hunger.
Armand: The donuts from Benin, the Sugar Cane from the Pacific Islands, and Mancala from Africa.
Mori: The chille from Mexice, and the meat pie from Australia.
Teresa: My booth because of the different clothes.
Quinn: The Italian section of the European booth because we had good coffee, and the South America because they also had good coffee.
Aleah: Looking at the other booths, drinking coffee, and just running around and playing.
Dylan: I enjoyed walking around looking at other peoples booths, learning about the different countries, and presenting my Korean booth.
Martin: The chille and the Kimbop.
Alex: I liked the Kimbop and the coffee from Brazil.