Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last night was the International Fair. It was really fun, there was a lot of food, running around, and screamming.

What was your favorite thing about the International Fair?

Kimberley: Running around and looking at other peoples booths.
Meredith: My booth about France. I liked it because it had a lot of information that I didn't know.
Kirstan: The donuts from Benin, the chille from Europe, and the Pansit from the Philippines.
Davalynn: The coffee from South America, the chille from Europe, donuts from Benin, and the meat pie from Australia.
Zack: The Mate from South America because it tasted good and it helped me lose my hunger.
Armand: The donuts from Benin, the Sugar Cane from the Pacific Islands, and Mancala from Africa.
Mori: The chille from Mexice, and the meat pie from Australia.
Teresa: My booth because of the different clothes.
Quinn: The Italian section of the European booth because we had good coffee, and the South America because they also had good coffee.
Aleah: Looking at the other booths, drinking coffee, and just running around and playing.
Dylan: I enjoyed walking around looking at other peoples booths, learning about the different countries, and presenting my Korean booth.
Martin: The chille and the Kimbop.
Alex: I liked the Kimbop and the coffee from Brazil.


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