Tuesday, March 28, 2006


What did you like most about your book so far?

Dylan: When Miyax is accepted into the wolf pack.
Martin: When the wife asks: "What's an umu?"
Kirstan: When the wife asks: "What's an umu?"
Quinn: When Miyax asks the wolf for food.
Mori: When the wife asks : "What's an umu?"
Zack: When Harry sneaks a snake onto a girl.
Armand: When Miyax thought she could speak to the wolves.
Meredith: When the wolf is growling at Miyax.
Davalynn: When Fay the author says that Samoans could be poor.
Kimberley: When the old guy goes to Pippi's house.
Teresa: When Pippi lifts up the horse.
Aleah: When the book is talking about Miyax's house.


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