Monday, March 13, 2006

Who is your favorite black history maker that you put as one of your top five? and Why?

Kimberley: Bessie Coleman, she showed woman that they could also become pilots.
Dylan: Satchel Paige, he was the greatest baseball player.
Teresa: Matthew Henson because he found the North Pole.
Quinn: Joe Louis he was a boxer.
Kirstan: Rosa Parks because she refused to give a white person a seat.
Aleah: Satchel Paige because he was a great baseball player for an old guy...
Armand: Satchel Paige because he was a baseball player.
Martin: Joe Louis he was a famous boxer.
Mori: Joe Louis because he was a famous boxer.
Zack: Satchel Paige because I made a great diarama about him.
Davalynn: Mary Mcloed Bethune because she would make her school supplies out of scraps.
Meredith: Bessie Coleman because she proved woman can be whatever they may want to be.


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