Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Our log out for today:
One fact you've learned you learned today.

Mori: Dr Carter G. Woodson's parents were slaves
Aleah: Dr. Woodson entered High school at the age of 20
Lauren: Dr. Woodson graduated High school in 2 years
Armand: Dr. Woodson lived for 74 years 8 months and 6 days
Zack: Most penguins live on the coast of the Southern Argentina
Martin: Dr. Woodson earned his phd at Harver
Dylan: Dr. Woodson's parent's slaves
Meredith: In 1909 he went to Washington DC to teach french and Spanish
Kimberley: Dr. Carter's parents were slaves
Teresa: He finished high school in two years
Quinn: Dr. Carter died in 1950
Kirstan: Dr. Carter started High school at age of 20.
Davalynn: How to change a uncommon denominator.


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