Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aleah, here... again... Mr. Hatcher said I could update the blog for fun if I was bored, I think that's what he said... oh well, if he didn't say that I can just delete this post.

Here's what happened today...

We got out of school early because the storm nearly took our class roof off and it was all flooded. Lots of people went home early and I was the last one inside the classroom. Staying all by myself with Mr. Hatcher's laptop, emailing Davalynn and listening to Quinn's music was pretty fun... I guess...


No. Not really but he copied all of the songs on my MP3 player, at least, I think he copied all of them.

I forgot to bring my math homework home... and right now I'm trying to find a bottle for my Science Fair Project... I have not had any luck at all... And one of my hard boiled eggs exploded... and right now I'm listening to my mom talk on the phone... but that doesn't really matter.

I tried to put a picture on here but it takes too long on my computer... stinky computer...

And that's pretty much all I have to say...

See ya later,



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